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Green Concept

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Over 95% of the material used for producing RAINBODECK products are from recycled plastic and recycled wood flour.


No single tree has ever been felled for the purpose of producing Rainbodeck material.


Instead, we are saving more then 1 million trees every year through our customers' purchasing on Rainbodeck instead of nature wood.

Sawdust and leftover materials from a sawmill or wood production site is one of the garbage pollution source and it causes greenhouse effect when burn it. during the production of Rainbodeck, we collect those leftovers from sawmill and wood product manufacturers, turning it into a Rainbodeck product, the ratio of recycled wood flour applied in Rainbodeck is up to 55%.


Wasted plastic go either to our landfill or the ocean. Rainbodeck work closely with the plastic recycling industry, more then 21,000 ton of wasted plastic is re-used per year by Rainbodeck, which equal to 12.6 billions of drinking water bottles.

Rainbodeck is part of the FSC-COC chain, we encourage our customers to reduce nature wood material consumption, at the same time,only wood material from controlled and managed sources are used in our supply chain.