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Home FAQs Installation

Can it be installed indoors/outdoors?

  • All Rainbodeck products are designed as an outdoor material that can withstand moisture and UV. At the same time, as an industry first, Rainbodeck achieved the highest CLASS A+ VOC and E05 formaldehyde emission standard for indoor air quality, making Rainbodeck also a perfect option for indoor decoration.

How do I install Rainbodeck?

  • Please consult Rainbodeck or our global distributor for the INSTALLATION MANUAL for different product lines and applications.

What tools are needed to install and cut Rainbodeck?

  • In general, most wood working tools are suitable for Rainbodeck material. Please consult our representatives for detailed information.

What tools are needed to install and cut Rainbodeck?

Can Rainbodeck be used as a structural material?

  • Rainbodeck products are not designed or covered by the warranty for structural use. No composite material in the global market is approved for use as a structural material. It is best used with an aluminium structure (provided by Rainbodeck) or treated wood or zinc steel as a framework (not provided by Rainbodeck)

What tools are needed to install and cut Rainbodeck?

Does it have gaps to let water and organic matter through?

  • Before construction, ensure that the building site allows sufficient deck ventilation and drainage. There should also be gaps between each Rainbodeck board for water and organic matter to drain through. If not, this water and organic matter will be trapped on your deck and begin to rot.

Is Rainbodeck suitable for use in commercial settings and areas with harsh weather?

  • The breadth of the RBD line-up means that there are RBD products to suit nearly any residential or commercial need. Rainbodeck is widely used in commercial and public projects around the world, ranging from wet and hot Indonesia, cold and snowy Norway, coastal cities of Spain, the hot and dry Australian bush and in the extreme Swiss mountain weather

Can I build a fire pit on my Rainbodeck decking?

  • Wood or gas fire pits should not be placed on top of RBD decking. However, gas fire pits may be installed beside or between deck boards with a protective wall made of stone or other fire-resistant material used for insulation.

Can I use a non-recommended fastener/structural material to install Rainbodeck?

  • RBD does not endorse the use of any non-recommended fastener/structural material. If any damage occurs which is attributable to the use of a non-recommended fastener/structural material, it would not be covered under the Rainbodeck Limited Warranty

Should Rainbodeck be sanded?

  • Rainbodeck should never be sanded. Sanding will change the appearance and protective qualities of the material and will void the warranty with respect to any damage caused by sanding.

Can I paint or stain my Rainbodeck boards?

  • Definitely not. Rainbodeck is a ready-made product that comes in a pre-designed colour and texture and should not be painted in any way. Any damage caused by painting will not be covered by the warranty.