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Home Material WPC ≠ HPC

WPC,wood and plastic composite.is a general description of any material which made by wood+plastic.but the “WPC”may quite different from one manufacturer to another.

  • different recycled wood sources used: wood furniture,panels,flooring,doors factories and so on

  • different recycled plastic sources used: HDPE,LDPE,PVC,PP and so on

  • different compositions: 25-55% plastic with 45-75% wood

  • different manufacturing conditions: technologies,machinery&equiments,extrusion toolings and quality standard

RAINBODECK is the leading brand of composite product industry and the pioneer of HPC(high-performance composite).



  1. selected grade HDPE, well managed wood source, unique composition formula and centralized HPC granule production. Granule stability guaranteed

  2. exceptional 2nd step granule optimization(unique in the industry) further enhanced the evenness of material mixture.

  3. Twin screw extrusion(single-screw is applied by some brands) makes HPC granules are all well compounded and plasticized before shaping, insure all wood flour are well wrapped and protected by HDPE.

  4. high pressure mould decreased extrusion speed, but guarantee product density, squareness, straightness and flatness.

  5. on-line embossing is a shaping process happen right after material comes out of the tooling chamber when it is still hot and flexible, the embossed wood grain becomes part of the material, hence it creates a natural & 3D wood looking effect and different than conventional WPC procedure which uses heated embossing roller to burn the wood effect on the surface of a cooled material, it looks artificial and the embossing is gone in couple weeks.