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Substructure and Accessories

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What sub-construction materials are recommended for Rainbodeck?

  • Rainbodeck recommends aluminium alloy, zinc steel or weather proof treated wood as a sub-construction material

  • Composite/plastic materials are not recommended Some brands or producers promote composite/plastic sub-construction/joist for decking, ceiling, wall cladding and other applications, claiming that it is a stiff, high-density, good material, which is confusing and actually misleading. Composite is not a good option for structural material due to the fact that the wood fibre structure is pre-treated, which gives it less screw-holding capability and more fragility compared to wood which contains fibres. Plastic has a similar character.

  • Untreated wood rots easily and will cause many potential problems.so also not recommended

Does Rainbodeck provide sub-construction materials?

  • In order to provide a full solution for our clients, Rainbodeck developed an innovative range of aluminium alloy joists. Consult with an RBD representative for more information

Why does Rainbodeck only offer aluminium alloy joists?

  • Aluminium has a much higher capacity than composite, plastic or wood. At the same time, it is much lighter compared to other materials, it also offers good screw-holding capability

  • Compared to wood, aluminium leverages the strength and dimensional stability of the joist to create a flat surface for the materials above. Wood, on the other hand, often has inconsistent dimensions and can warp or twist over time. Those imperfections can be amplified to the material above. Simply put, high-performance decking deserves a high-performance deck frame.

What accessories are necessary and provided by Rainbodeck?

  • It depends on the product category

  • For decking, decking clips and decking screws are provided.

  • For multi-beam, screws, connection brackets and end caps/connectors are provided. For EasyFence, screws, clips and post caps are provided.

  • For other product categories, specified screws are provided, but Rainbodeck is always listening to customer’s needs and trying to solve problems for our customers.

Are the accessories Rainbodeck provides specified?

  • Yes, every product or material has a specified character.

  • Decking installations require decking screws (regular drywall screws or other types of screws are not accepted). We provide deck screws for wood joists, and deck screws for aluminium and steel joists. All screws are designed for fast screwing and durability

  • All Rainbodeck connectors and screws use either aluminium or heat-treated, reinforced stainless steel with a weather proof coating.

  • All Rainbodeck clips/end cap are made of stainless steel NO.304 or weatherproof engineered plastic.

  • Please consult our representatives for technical details.