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  • RAINBODECK is a leading composite material brand and a pioneer in HPC composite industry.

What is Rainbodeck HPC made of?

  • HPC, or high-performance composite is made by recycled single-polymer HDPE and recycled wood, a sustainable, safe, healthy and high-quality material specially designed for outdoor application.

What is CoShield technology?

  • CoShield is an enhanced version of HPC that involves a co-extrusion process, a wood-free, anti-moisture and stain resistant layer is added to HPC. The “layer” is neither a décor paper nor a coating, but is applied through a non-gluing and non-lamination extrusion procedure. It is part of the HPC and is therefore will not delaminate or separate.

  • CoShield’s innovative TCT technology offers 2 different and optional colours on one piece of material, the vivid mix-colours and 3D wood grain embossing gives CoShield a nature-wood-looking.

  • Beyond that, the industry-leading anti-slip Class C and R11 surface ensures that CoShield meets almost all commercial safety requirements.

Does RAINBODECK provide accessories?

  • Every material has its own character, all accessories from RAINBODECK are specified and designed for HPC application

  • Rainbodeck strived to be a full solution provider. After years of work and research, Rainbodeck can supply most of the accessories needed for installation, including but not limited to: screws, clips, joists, system, pedestal, etc.

Where is RAINBODECK manufactured?

  • RAINBODECK had a humble beginning but is a PROUDLY made-in-China product, thanks to our intelligent and hardworking team, our loyal partner in Europe with their continuous input of knowhow and experience.

Is Rainbodeck HPC a safe material?

  • RAINBODECK is a PVC-free, single-polymer HDPE composite material made through a non-gluing and non-lamination production process.

  • RAINBODECK is certified by industry-leading safety and health standards, fully meets safe use regulation of REACH/SVHC, POPs, PAHs and Phthalates content.

  • Rainbodeck is the first composite decking brand to carry the French indoor air VOC standard and latest German E05 formaldehyde emission standard.although Rainbodeck is designed for the outdoors but is also perfect for indoor application.

Is Rainbodeck HPC an environmentally-friendly material?

  • HPC contains more than 90-95% of recycled materials, leftover/ sawdust from the wood manufacturing industry and HDPE from the plastic recycling industry. RAINBODECK also part of FSC-COC. Consuming HPC instead of natural wood/plastic reduces plastic pollution and deforestation.

What is the lifespan of RAINBODECK material?

  • RAINBODECK is developed to be a lifetime product that eliminates most problems associated with natural wood and the unique HPC technology also makes RAINBODECK stand out from other composite materials. RAINBODECK HPC is backed by a 15-years and CoShield HPC by a 25-year limited warranty

Is Rainbodeck expensive?

  • Rainbodeck is designed to be a beautiful, durable and affordable material. The initial cost of Rainbodeck is slightly higher than some softwoods and lower than most exotic woods, but no matter what you compare with, Rainbodeck has a significant overall cost advantage, a longer lifespan and much lower maintenance cost over its lifespan than wood.